Is there a difference between acting on the stage and in front of a camera? Yes!


Academy award winning actor Al Pacino, and many other experienced screen legends agree. The principals of acting are the same for the theater and for the camera.  But there definitely is a different way to work on camera than on stage and it takes a lot of practice and experience to master the technique. Mr. Pacino addresses this topic in the first part of the interview you can view by clicking on this link.

James Lipton's interview on 'Inside the Actor's Studio' with both Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro reveal the same thing.  The age old myth that there is no difference between acting for the stage and the camera is false. At least according to DeNiro and Pacino, the two greatest actors of their generation.  I'm paraphrasing their comments but here's basically what their point of view is as stated in their interviews with Lipton... "acting for the movies. It's different. You have to come up with a different way of working for film. There's a system you create for the movies in addition to your original process/foundation for the stage." 


Here's an analogy that will help you understand the Cinema Gym philosophy about acting for camera vs acting for the stage. Running is running, correct? Yes. But if you're a marathon runner you train and need a different mind set and performance tools than a sprinter. 

Acting is acting but the stage and the camera require different techniques and/or tools from actors. Some people are able to adjust effortlessly from stage to screen. The vast majority do not. And that's one of the reasons very talented actors don't have the same success on camera as they do on stage.


 That's why I created the Cinema Gym.

Alex D'Lerma
Award winning Filmmaker/Acting & Directing Coach

Luck is when preparation and opportunity meet.

To mentor and support actors and directors with the most effective and affordable "on camera" workout possible.


Actors perform weekly acting drills (on camera) to target Auditioning, Rehearsal for Camera, working moment to moment, physical continuity, emotional continuity, working with directors, etc.

Directors learn to become an "actor's director" in the tradition of Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Mann, Elia Kazan, and Sydney Lumet. Directors work with professional actors and practice innovative techniques that target fixing performances, helping actors hit emotional goals, etc.

Cinema Gym actors have booked numerous TV and Film projects for the past 12 years. Click below to see a few of our "wins."

Read some of the Actor and Director testimonials that prove this innovative system gets results!

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